77+ Connection Ideas for a Stronger Community

A fast-track guide for course creators, membership owners, coaches, and anyone in between who desires a more engaged community, deeper connections, and more progress for your members.

In This Guide, You’ll Learn:


The real problem that's lurking behind your connection issues and why it’s foundational to your community’s success.


The 3 main ways you can help your community connect more with you and with each other, whether your community is in-person or virtual.


More than 77 specific ideas you can start today that will create more connection in your online community. You’ll never be short on creative ways to engage your community again.

A personal note from Shana...

a.k.a. The community strategist behind many of the 7 & 8-figure online communities you love

“How do I help my members connect more?” 

That’s one of the questions I get asked most often. 

And the truth is, it goes much deeper than a bunch of connection tactics. 

In this guide, I’m revealing what’s really behind your connection problem and why creating deeper connection is essential to your community’s success.

I’ll also be sharing 77+ connection ideas that you can start implementing today. 

Whether you're trying to increase retention for your membership, spark engagement in your course community, or help your clients get more results — or heck, all three! — it all starts with a thriving community.

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